X Home Bar APK download for Android , Download xhome bar apk  iPhone X – iPhone Special Edition celebrates the 10th birthday of Apple. The launch of the iPhone X is considered a “scary movement” of Apple because of a lot of changes, leaps and bounds, from the screen design, security features to the camera. One of the highlights of the iPhone X, the Home button is completely removed, instead, the virtual navigation bar with swipe gestures very handily

X Home Bar APK download for Android

X Home Bar Pro APK Download
X Home Bar Pro APK Download

In addition, users can customize the color or transparency of the bar in all directions. Now, you just need to do a quick swipe to get quick access to pre-set locations. This software is so small, 2.5 MB only and costs 2.03$. This is not too expensive if you want to experience the great features of the best mobile phone such as iPhone X right on the Android phone.

The available swipe actions of the users include:
Go to the Home screen.
Recent Apps.
Pull the message board down.
Go to the quick settings.
Start the selected application.
Screen capture.
Screen Lock.
Start source menu.
Note: If your Android phone has a navigation bar (including Home, Back, Recent Apps) on the screen, the X Home Bar’s navigation bar will be on the navigation bar of your device.


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